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Publications after 1990

Marine technological research

Technology and technology ..


Hobby 1: Reading

One of the two most impressive books I have read:

Origin of the Scandinavian Nations and Languages

Available and searchable online at Nasjonalbiblioteket: Volume 1  Volume 2

Summary 20 Mb scanned pdf file 100 pages, 2 pages per sheet.

Håkon Melberg, its author

 Letters provided by A-K Melberg. In Norwegian.

Kronikk av Arne Torp In Norwegian

"Dansk tunge" og Håkon Melberg Article by Kjell Venås in Syn og Segn No. 4.2000 (2 MB). In Norwegian

Comments by an archaeologist . In Norwegian

AD 200 - 500 hostilities in Scandinavia

Jæren conquered by AD 600

From South-Russia via Denmark?

Migration Period settlement and landscape

Discussion, in light of recent works I have read

More discussion, in light of even more recent works I have read

The first Norwegians. In Norwegian

Protovikings - to Vika?

Technology break in Trøndelag  From ”Trøndelags Historie”, 2005 . In Norwegian

References, for the above discussion

Here is the other one:

Gødel Escher Bach. Table of Contents. In contrast to the one above this book is famous, as well as    Douglas R. Hofstadter, its author.

BIBSYS is the tool for locating books in Norwegian university libraries, but not this one, about

Voluspá and solar eclipses


Hobby 2:

Knives and old tools

         Knives 2012

Hobby 3: Fosen

More serious topicS:


Into the last half of the oil age.  End of growth – what next?

Ethics - Competition - Globalization Evil consequences of unlimited competition?



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